Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hanky Kapanke

According to this story, Senator Dan Kapanke is a pants-on-fire-liar. Remember the car windshield that protesters smashed? Remember Kapanke saying "he couldn't get to his car that night 'because it was surrounded by protesters.'"

Well....not so fast, my friend:

"According to a March 22 report filed by an officer with the Capitol Police, however, Kapanke first noticed the crack in his windshield after an officer drove his car from a parking garage to the Capitol following the vote on the bill."

So, a police officer drove his car from the parking garage and delivered it to Kapanke. Exactly where was the crowd of protesters surrounding his car??

OK, but somebody smashed his windshield, right? Umm, no. A very thorough police investigation (including an accident reconstruction specialist found that the damage was "consistent with a stone being picked up from another vehicle tire and launched into the air."


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