Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Monona Election Results

Some local results. Winners in italics.

Mayor of Monona
Bob Miller 2393 
Jeff Wiswell, Sr. 1361.

Monona Alder (top 3 win)
Doug Wood 2351
Jim Busse 2056 
Chad Speight 2006 
Mike Veserat 1725.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the candidates.

You can see more results on Adam Mella's liveblog on the Herald.

The turnout was phenomenal in Monona.

More numbers from Monona-only:

Supreme Court Justice
Kloppenburg 2916
Prosser 974

Dane County Executive
Parisi 2843
Bruskewitz 906

Some other area leaders were shown the door by the voters, including Fitchburg Mayor Jay Allen and CG Village President Mike Mikalsen. And some old guy named Soglin knocked off Mayor Dave (and we never even learned to spell his name).


Looks like Prosser is going to squeak by; extremely close by trending slightly in his favor with very few votes left to count. The Milwaukee JS reports:

Supreme Court REPORTING 94%

David Prosser (inc) 698,973


Joanne Kloppenburg 692,463


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