Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adam's Staying

Contrary to a rumor that I heard recently, our esteemed editor of the Herald Independent Adam Mella is not leaving the paper. Apparently the rumor got started because one of their reporters has recently moved on to new work.

When I asked him about the rumor, Adam denied any desire to ever work anywhere else no matter how much they paid him if it would take him away from covering Monona, Monona Grove, and Cottage Grove.

OK, he didn't actually say that.

But selfishly speaking, here's hoping he stays around a good long while. He's fair, accurate, and engaged. And he's a good guy, too.


  1. Hear Hear - Adam has been excellent and we are lucky to have him!

  2. Things certainly improved when he took over. I hope he stays on a long time.

  3. Adam is the freaking bomb. He should go somewhere else because he's good enough to move on up the food chain. But lucky for us I don't think newspapers are robust employers these days.