Monday, February 14, 2011

What's That Funky Smell?

You may have noticed a peculiar smell around town recently - no, I'm not talking about the odor emanating from the East Wing of the State Capital. I'm referring to that gaseous sewer-like smell that has been hovering around the 5400-5500 blocks of Winnequah Road by the lagoon (between Winnequah Trail and Healy Lane).

I was contacted a number of weeks ago by a couple of residents and requested that city staff look into it. The city's contractor, McCann's Underground has been to the site and dug out some material (around the culvert under Winnequah, I think). The smell persists and was quite bad today (Monday).

[ADDENDUM]: The city administrator informs me that the city has also had MG&E at the sit and they have confirmed there is not a gas leak. City staff continues to monitor it. The suspected cause is decaying vegetative matter.]

Maybe they'll un-cover Jimmy Hoffa.

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  1. It ain't Hoffa. It's the rotting corpse of the formerly great State of Wisconsin as it amputates it's progressive roots. We are the same state that was a proud leader in implementing some of the fundamental reforms that helped create one of America's greatest achievements - a huge middle class. Workers compensation, child labor protections, forest and water conservation, insurance company regulation, factory safety laws. Oh how far we are falling....where's the bottom, Doug?