Monday, August 02, 2010

Public Works Committe this Week

Here's the main agenda for this month's Monona Public Works Committee meeting. You can read the whole enchilada here.

Read the PWC packet.

Date: Wed - 08/04/2010

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: City Hall Large Conference Room
5. Old Business

A. Update on Proposed 2011 Street Improvements

B. Update on 2010 Street and Utility Improvements

C. Update on Water Rate Case and Public Fire Protection Charge

D. Discussion of Request for Proposal for Refuse/Recycling and Brush Collection

6. New Business

A. Review and Approval of Change Order Submitted by D’Onofrio Kottke and Associates for Additional Construction Engineering Services Pertaining to the 2010 Street and Utility Improvements Project

B. Review of 2009 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report (CMAR)

C. Update on Winnequah Road Traffic Management

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  1. The last three pages are interesting reading regarding speed on Winnequah Rd. Even with the stop signs, speeding continues to be a problem on the south end of Winnequah. During the July speed counts an average of 45-75 cars daily exceeded the 25mph speed limit by 10mph or more. Again, this is after the stop signs were in. Chief Ostrenga, we still need speed enforcement for pedestrian and bicycle safety. Excessive speeding every day on this street is not acceptable. I also thought the city's purchase of the speed moitoring box that captures this data could distinguish what time of day most of the speeding occurs, thus allowing the police to better focus their time spent on speed enforcement.