Sunday, August 01, 2010

Outsmarted by a Dog

Sullivan, our English Springer Spaniel, has a problem. As is often the case when a dog has a problem that means his keepers have a problem of which the dog is blissfuly unaware.

Sullivan or Sully (the only one of his nicknames that is printable) has an obsession with a green rubber ball. Morning, noon, and night, indoors and out, he wants to chase the ball. He often brings it back right away.


We put him in a twelve step program, but he outsmarted us. He admitted he was powerless to control his obsession with the green ball, but he didn't really seem to care. Nonetheless, he agreed to turn over his affairs to a Higher Power. Then he chose the green ball as his higher power. Drats!

The Nemesis

The Ball is Lost
Still lost

Boxer the Pug Expresses Concern

Ball is Found
Doesn't taste too good.

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