Friday, April 09, 2010

Monona 2010 Street Projects - The Regular

The regular 2010 city of Monona street projects are underway. As noted previously, there will be a Dean Avenue Detour APRIL 7

Overview of this year's regular (i.e. not Monona Drive) street projects from city staff:

• Streets included in the program are Wallace Avenue (West Dean Avenue to St. Teresa Terrace), Schofield Street (West Dean Avenue to St. Teresa Terrace), Shore Acres Road (West Dean Avenue to Nichols Road) and Starry Avenue. All listed streets are [also] slated for water main replacement. [Most of] the streets will be reconstructed with new concrete curb and gutter and will be subject to special assessment.
• The City has entered into agreement with D’Onofrio Kottke and Associates (DKA) to perform engineering services.
• Bids have been received for the construction of the improvements. The award of bid has been made to Capitol Underground in the amount of $1,847,418.80.
• Construction activities will begin the week of April 5 and are scheduled to run until early August. Work on Schofield Street in the area of Immaculate Heart of Mary School is scheduled to begin after the end of the school year or on June 14, 2010.
• A public hearing for applicable street assessments is scheduled for May 2, 2010 and will be held by the Public Works Committee.

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  1. I'd like to comment about how much better Winnequah Road is now that the stop signs have been put in place. With the increased biking/running/blading that summer brings, these stop signs have created a much safer environment for the residents, as well as anyone using the bike path. KEEP THEM IN PLACE! LOVE THEM!