Friday, April 09, 2010


This post is not fun or funny, but I received this email and wanted to share it. It came from a person I know of, but don't know personally. I can vouch that it is a genuine email. I have taken out any personal identifying information. A lot of stuff we think is really important isn't.

This will be a short and hard e-mail.

My cancer is not responding to treatement and it is hitting my body hard. I have a short prospect, weeks likely, maybe a month or two.

I will not be able to return to the office. I leave the hospital soon under home hospice care.

I have very little energy. I will use it with my family. As much as I'd like to say goodbye to everyone, this will have to do.

My 6 years at [name of workplace] have been some of the best of my various careers. I appreciated the fine support from so many of you as we worked on big issues. You are a great team.

I am drawing a tight gate around my family. I love e-mail and cards, but I don't have the energy to respond to all of them. I simply cannot do phone calls. They wipe me out.

Again, thanks for being with me on so many great things.

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