Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monona Library Grant Deadline Extended

The Madison Community Foundation has extended the deadline for grant pledges and donations to the Monona library. A gift of $500 will endow a book in your name in perpetuity. Any gift amount is appreciated. 

From the Library web page: "The Booked for Life campaign has been extended! We have raised $92,000 thus far with a goal of $100,000. We're almost there. You can still contribute and ensure that the Library will have quality materials on our shelves forever!"

For full details go here.


Booked for Life Campaign

The Monona Library Foundation has received a grant from the Madison Community Foundation that will provide a 1:2 match for every dollar we raise (we get $1 for every $2 we raise). The grant will provide up to $50,000 if we can raise $100,000.

The funds will be creatively used to endow books for the library's collection. A $500 donation will endow a book at the library pretty much in perpetuity - or until the end of time whichever comes first. This simple plan has the potential to give our library a foot up toward attaining and maintaining an excellent collection. Learn more!


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