Tuesday, December 22, 2009

COUNTDOWN - Monona Public Library

The time to give to the Monona Public Library's Booked For Life campaign is running out.

Thanks to an incredibly generous donation by a longtime local resident, the fund drive has now passed the $80,000 mark!

Please donate before year's end to take advantage of the matching grant.

Download a pledge form.

You can help earn FREE MONEY for the library…but the clock is ticking. The free money deal ends Dec. 31.
What’s the deal? The Madison Community Foundation will give the library 50 cents for each $1 donated to the Monona Library’s Booked for Life fund – up to $50,000 if you help the library raise $100,000. The money donated and matched will be preserved and only the earned interest used for purchases, which means your donation is a forever gift.

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