Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monona Drive -Phase II is Delayed to 2012

The news that reconstruction of Monona Drive -Phase II has been delayed to 2012 was more or less expected, but still disappointing (Phase II is from Winnequah Road to Cottage Grove Road). Which reminds me: It's time to start the process of hiring an engineer for Phase III if we expect it to be done in 2013. (Phase III is from Winnequah Road to Nichols Road).

The Official Word from City Engineer Rich Vela:

"The project is in a hold pattern until the roadway geometrics are agreed upon by both municipalities. The City of Monona has accomplished this. The City of Madison is currently scheduled to complete this in January 2010.

Until this has been completed, all other efforts are basically on hold. Once the roadway geometrics are finalized and approved, Foth can proceed with the environmental assessment review and report, the design study report, the right-of-way plat and relocation order, and roadway design. Property acquisition cannot begin until the right-of-way plat and relocation order are completed and approved.

Construction is now scheduled to occur in 2012.

Once the roadway geometrics have been finalized and approved and Foth begins moving forward again, a Committee meeting providing an update and status report will be appropriate."

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