Saturday, December 19, 2009

News Fit for the Holidays - NOT so Fast My Friend

Update: I have received an exclusive report that the McKeever nomination has been held up due to the objections of County Supervisor Mark Opitz (who also works as Middleton's Asst. City Planner). Apparently Peter was deemed anti-development (meaning he is not sufficiently pro-business). I should point out that this report was second-hand and I am trying to confirm the information.

It is worth noting that during his time on the council, Peter hatched the idea for an advisory Economic Development Committee that produced a Strategic Plan for Economic Development. He does not favor any and all development; that does not make him irrationally anti-development.

Updated Update:

The response from Supervisor Opitz:

"Ald. Wood,

While it is true that I asked for a delay at the Dec. 17 Executive Committee meeting, I did not speak in opposition to Peter's appointment. As I mentioned to Sup. Schmidt, I had learned shortly before the meeting that a number of people have voiced a concern about Peter's potential affiliation with a group that advocates in opposition to some matters than come before CARPC. I simply wanted to learn more about this concern before voting on his appointment.

Mark Opitz
Dane County Supervisor
District 26"

The group referred to is Capital Region Advocacy Network for Environmental Sustainability (C.R.A.N.E.S.).

These minutes of the Dane County Towns Association suggest that the Towns Association likes C.R.A.N.E.S.

Original post:

Word has it that County Executive Falk has appointed Monona's own Peter McKeever to the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC). This is great news. I can't think of anyone more qualified. And you know we can count on Peter to make his views clearly known. The comfortable are about to be afflicted!

The function of the Commission is to serve as the regional planning and areawide water quality management planning entity for the Dane County region....The Commission is charged with the duty of preparing and adopting a master plan for the physical development of the region, and maintaining a continuing areawide water quality management planning process in order to manage, protect, and enhance the water resources of the region, including consideration of the relationship of water quality to land and water resources and uses.

Peter E McKeever - Private Landowner Network Lawyers


  1. Any update on who will be running for Monona City Council?

  2. Alders Wiswell and Kugle are running. Randy Parvin has taken out papers. Alder Thomas has not taken out papers (the last I knew), buy also has not filed a 'declaration of noncandidacy.'

  3. This is great news for Monona. Peter will serve us well.... again.

  4. I hope Peter will urge the County to drop the odious name of Squaw from the Bay and lead Monona to change Squaw Circle. This bigotry is too long with us.
    Winnebago Squaw Road is also a shameful ignorance of settler naming of a 'lesser people'. For shame Monona and Dane Countyu.