Saturday, May 16, 2009

“What a wonderful modern age we live in!”

- So said Jack Aubrey (he - or rather Patrick O'Brian - was paraphrasing someone else, but I can't find the original quote.)

The world of watching movies at home is moving toward direct download. If you subscribe to Netflix ® Official Site, you can already download and instantly watch about 12,000 movies (out of their total inventory of over 100,000). If you have the right gizmos, you can watch them your TV.

(Netflix lists some specific devices you can use to watch these movies instantly:

Microsoft's XBox is one of the listed devices. However, I also learned yesterday that with some inexpensive software called PlayOn, you can use your PS3 ( - Home) to watch Netflix movies on your TV.

I tried and it works. The download, install, and setup were easy and trouble-free. It did take an hour or so, but mainly because I first updated the PS3 software. (Note: Your PS3 must be connected to the Internet and to your PC.)

Get the software here: Netflix on PlayStation 3

The software also allows you to watch Hulu, YouTube, CBS, CNN, and ESPN for free and Amazon Video On Demand (not for free). (Not sure yet what the deal is with ESPN, CBS, or CNN - I mean who cares, I can already watch them on plain-old-TV.)

Netflix may also be adding PS3 to its lineup: Kotaku - Netflix Interested In The PS3 - NetFlix

But now you don't have to wait.


  1. One other method is to just use an S-video cord to connect your TV to your computer. Of course, this necessitates having your computer close to your TV. Most computers and TVs these days have S video ports.

  2. Hmm, that seems just a tad simpler.

  3. Missoula, does the s-video also work to connect you to Hulu?

  4. Yes. Whatever is on the computer screen will display on the TV. If you go this route, just make sure you get a decent quality cord. I found out firsthand that the real cheap ones (< $5) don't work so well.

  5. Note, to do this you need a video card with an S-Video out on your computer.