Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Monona Stories in the News

The Chicago Tribune figured out that Mayor Kahl is executive director of Construction Business Group, one the moving forces behind the expansion of the state prevailing wage law (which I support, for the little that is worth). The WSJ and MJS missed this angle.,0,7203476.story

Nice story on Bungalowen in the WSJ:

Turns out there is a parade in Monona tomorrow!

Nothing to do with Monona, but this new book sounds fascinating: Prisoner of the State (Hardcover) by Zhao Ziyang.

Also nothing to do with Monona, but I saw a sobriety checkpoint in Mt. Vernon, Illinois over the weekend. Kind of stunning - about six police cars funneling all traffic to one lane. There were about 25 cars backed up. I'm sure they caught some drunk drivers, but do we really consent to effectively being taken into state custody simply by driving on a public road?


  1. Counselor-
    I was taught driving is a privledge and not a right, right?

  2. Come on, you can make your point more directly than that.