Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Proposed City of Monona Operating Budget

Mayor Bob Miller's first operating budget for the city of  Monona is under review by the city council in Committee of the Whole meetings this week (Monday and Wednesday, September 19 and 21) (I missed the Monday meeting due to illness.). The capital budget for 2012-2013 will be reviewed soon after the operating budget review is reviewed.

The proposed 2012 operating budget is online. The most significant change is a reduction of one police officer. The budget also reflects increased employee contributions to retirement and, to a lesser degree, health insurance costs.


  1. Doug, I think your Boxer is a Pug.

  2. No kidding! But a pugilist is a boxer. The base word in Latin is "pugnus". So my son suggested we name the dog Boxer.

    Funny that you say this because our vet thought we were confused and that Boxer was a member of the breed boxer. But, nope, that's just his name.