Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools Walk/Run/Eat on October 16th

A group of MG parents/teachers are planning to walk in the GSAFE (Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools) Walk/Run/Eat on October 16th at the Goodman Community Center in Madison to raise money to help this great organization help prevent bullying and promote safe schools for all. In fact, the team is called MG Parents supporting MG kids (Team members so far are Team Leader Sue Carr, Chad Speight, Doug Wood, Leslie Frank-Taylor, Kris Lehker, Molly Crossen, Chris Whelley, Jim Keck, and Melissa Zietz!) and I know you would love to join this team!
Register before October 8th and get $5 off your registration fee. Early bird registration is $20 for adults, $15 for youth (ages 12 to 17), and $10 for children (ages 11 and under).

On-site registration and check-in will begin at 9:30AM on Sunday, October 16th. The walk/run will kick off at 11:00AM, and lunch will be served at 11:30AM.

If not, how about a donation? We have already had some great friends and allies donate to support us!

The theme of the walk is SUPERHEROES so we could get really fancy with t shirts and stuff.... 

You can go to this link: and find our team. And please forward on to MG parents that you think might be interested! 

And there is a kids team too!



  1. Thanks so much for posting this! You're the best.

    -Tim Michael
    GSAFE's GSA Outreach Manager

  2. Today is the last day to sign up at the Early Registration Rate! Come join us next Sunday- it will be a blast!