Friday, September 02, 2011

Monona City Council Preview - September 6, 2011

The Monona City Council will consider a number of important items next Tuesday, September 6. The GDP for the 215 Femrite row housing project is on for a decision. The project seems to have wide, but not unanimous support on the council.

Also up is a decision whether to accept the bids for the Belle Isle dredging project. The dredging project has widespread, possibly unanimous support on the council. The key question is whether to proceed in 2011 or re-bid it in early 2012. I'm undecided on the timing. We have received a lot of citizen input. Many of the comments center around various ways to calculate the special assessment.(See separate post for FAQs.)

On for a first read is the rejection of the bid for the Firemen's Park restroom/concession/storage building and instead combining replacement of the existing restrooms with a new open air shelter.

 So, nothing really controversial or anything...

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  1. I just hope people see this Belle Isle thing for what it is - a development that was a bad idea from the get go. In concert with other low-lying areas of Monona built on fill in former wetlands, these are homes that never should have been built and now we pay the price for ever more. I don't fault the current owners, nor would it be practical to suggest they be bought out - but Belle Isle belongs in urban planning and engineering textbooks as what happens when humans build where water rules. It never ends well. To think that we are not capable of being similary short-sighted as those who went before is arrogant and dangerous.

    That's all. I feel better now that I've got my preachy, condescending moment of the day out of the way. Thanks.