Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Dredging Delayed, Housing Approved

Last night, the Monona City Council rejected the bids for the Belle Isle dredging project. The rejections does not mean that the project has lost support of the council, but rather that a majority decided to wait until 2012. Alder Speight and I voted to go forward with the project in 2011.

While the dredging project has widespread, possibly unanimous support on the council, it became clear to me that the project could unravel. The project includes three channels. Several residents on Lagoon du Sud want that channel removed from the project. Some residents on Sumac Lagoon have expressed the same sentiment. If one or two channels are removed, contractors will likely lose interest in bidding and will bid at higher unit rates.

The council approved the GDP for the 215 Femrite row housing project is on for a decision.


You can expect to hear in the very near future about a resolution to the M.Y. Dream Park shelter lawsuit filed by the city against the architect.


Wiseguy moment. During a roll call vote, as he is wont to do Alder Wiswell cast "a reluctant aye". Adding a descriptive term seemed like such a good idea, I couldn't help but cast "a regular aye". I was followed by Alder Kugle who cast an "enthusiastic aye."

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