Friday, May 27, 2011

Monona Pool is Opening!

From the Monona Park & Rec Department:

It's pool season once again! The Monona Community Outdoor Pool is open tomorrow, Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29 from 1-6:30 pm. The pool will also be open on Monday May 30th from 1-4:30 pm. Next weekends hours will be Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and 5 from 1-6:30 pm and then regular season hours will begin on Thursday, June 9th. We hope to see everyone there!

Also, beat the rush and come in for your season pool passes today (Friday) before 4:30!


  1. I think solar Panel for the pool would be a good idea. A restroom facility is not a good use of a solar panel-especially with the looong payback period. Putting solar panels on things because it has "redeeming social value" is silly.

    Because where does it stop with the redeeming social value limitus test. Further, who is defining redeeming social value?

  2. "Further, who is defining redeeming social value?"

    Apparently you are because you are the first person to mention it.

  3. I think "Anonymous" is referring to my comments at the April 18 council meeting:

    "I would just like to state that I think even if there isn’t a real strong case for putting the solar panels on there as far as an investment, you know, 23 years is a pretty lousy return on investment, I think there is some redeeming social value to putting those panels on there. It shows that the city is committed to renewable sources of energy and this project has more value than the bottom line would indicate."

    Sunny took umbrage with my "redeeming social value" comment and apparently, so did "Anonymous".

  4. Thanks Scott, I retract my snarky comment.