Sunday, May 22, 2011

Madison Bicycle/Pedestrian Committee Meeting - May 24

Local biped Travis Youman sent me this info:

The City of Madison is having a bicycle/pedestrian committee meeting on Tuesday, May 24th as they look for input on bicycle projects that they should be looking at.

Travis writes:
I put my thoughts into projects that *I'd* like to see them at least take a look at ( but the main one I'd like to focus on is expanding Monona Drive/Atwood to include bike lanes between Cottage Grove Rd and Walter St. I plan on making the case that bicycle lane projects should be looked at independently of resurfacing streets, as that section of Monona Dr doesn't need to be resurfaced any time soon (it's in great shape compared to the res of Monona Dr), which could leave us with the default "lake loop" being 95% on bike lanes/bike paths/side streets and 5% on a very bike-UNfriendly Monona Drive next year once the reconstruction from Winnequah to Cottage Grove Rd is completed.

That's also the main route that most cyclists that I know in Monona take to get either downtown or the East side of the Isthmus, so it's doubly important for Monona residents.

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