Saturday, May 07, 2011

Green Tuesdays Films & Lectures


Next Tuesday, May 10: Blue Vinyl and Plastics--One through Seven

With humor, chutzpah, and a piece of vinyl siding firmly in hand, award-winning filmmaker Judith Helfand* and award-winning cinematographer Daniel B. Gold search for the truth about polyvinyl chloride (PVC), America's most popular plastic. From Long Island to Louisiana to Italy, they unearth the facts about PVC and its effects on human health and the environment. Back at the starter ranch, Helfand coaxes her terribly patient parents into replacing their vinyl siding on the condition that she can find a healthy, affordable alternative (and it has to look good!). A detective story, an eco-activism doc, and a rollicking comedy, Blue Vinyl shows the dangers posed by PVC at every stage, from factory to incinerator. Consumer consciousness and the "precautionary principle" have never been this much fun.

Also student short Plastics--One through Seven shows how one Wisconsin woman's idea changed an entire industry.

Can't make it to Monona? Catch these films in Oregon on May 17, Mt. Horeb on May 19, and Cross Plains on June 17. (Calendar here.)

*Helfand was an artist in residence as part of the UW-Madison's Arts Institute Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program!

Green Tuesdays: Creating awareness, sparking conversation, empowering change.

Green Tuesdays Films & Lectures is a free series of films, presentations, and conversations that helps us become more aware of the resources we rely on and the actions we can take to better our world. Green Tuesdays start at 6:30 and run until 8:00. Sessions are on the second and fifth Tuesdays of the month, September through May. All are welcome. Whole Foods Market serves treats, so come early and stay late for food, drink, and conversation.

Green Tuesdays, a project of The Natural Step Monona and the Monona Public Library, now reaches four additional communities: Mt. Horeb, Middleton, Cross Plains, and Oregon.

Green Tuesdays is sponsored by The Natural Step Monona in collaboration with Oregon Working to Live Sustainably (OWLS), Mount Horeb Area Sustainability Network, RGPL Green Tuesdays (Cross Plains), the City of Middleton Sustainability Committee, Edgewood College, and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, and is supported by the Dane County Environmental Council.

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