Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Teapot in Search of Tempest

Others enjoyed it - and they weren't all anti-Walker Dems by any means - including one conservative friend who checked my hands for burn marks from holding the proclamation.

Because I don't entirely trust my own sense of things, I called the Mayor this morning just to be sure that he wasn't offended by my omission of the Governor's name. I thought I knew the answer because I'd seen him laughing. But he confirmed my impression.

He also told me that Sunny was already on the scent (my words) with an early morning inquiry as to whether Alderman Wood had "refused" to use the Governor's name. I didn't refuse to use his name. I just pretended like it I couldn't say it. (See joke explanation, supra). Frankly, since I made my opposition to the Governor's attacks on Wisconsin workers quite clear in my campaign, I thought it would have seemed very odd for me not to do something smart alecky. And besides, I just couldn't resist.

Here's hoping Sunny resists the urge to go all high dudgeon on me. I did talk to her by phone a few days later. She didn't seem to think it was a huge deal, but maybe she was just being crafty. She asked if I apologized (or was going to apologize), to which I said 'no, because I don't do non-apology apologies'. I enjoy her columns a whole lot more when she indulges her own sense of humor.

All I know, next time, I'm blaming it all on the city attorney, whether he deserves it or not. That may make no sense to you, but that's OK. In fact, he wrote the whole thing...yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. Cole, front and center!

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  1. If I were Kahl, I would have told Walker where he could put his proclamation. But I'm not and we're both probably o.k. with that.