Friday, April 15, 2011

Monona Celebrates Our Leaders, Volunteers - and Heroes

The city of Monona held its annual Volunteer Appreciation event yesterday evening at the Community Center. The event is always a good chance to see a lot of fellow Mononans who serve on committees and do other volunteer work for the city. It's always a good time, but I always see more people there than I get a chance to to talk to. This year's event was quite well-attended. Kudos to Leah Kimmell, executive assistance to the city administrator, for her typical excellent work organizing the evening.

Award recipients were chosen by the Distinguished Service Committee, the Mayor, and the Police Chief. The presentation of the awards by Chief Ostrenga to Monona PD personnel involved in the incident at the UW Credit Union last December was very moving. I am posting separately on those awards and the venets of that day.

Mayor Kahl received a Proclamation from Governor Walker declaring Tuesday, April 19, 2011 as Robb B. Kahl Day in the state of Wisconsin. City Administrator Pat Marsh, City Attorney Bill Cole, and I made brief remarks and presented him with the proclamation and also a plaque and gavel from city staff. (More to follow in a separate post on a silly kerfuffle stemming from my remarks and my supposed 'refusal' to say Governor Walker's name. Honestly, I thought it was Madison liberals who attended the Church of the Perpetually Offended - Unitarian, of course.)

Without further delay, here are the awards:

Distinguished Service Awards:

Sara Deuman

Ron Hoffman

Hance Anderson

Mayoral Awards:

Jim Reiter

Bruce Rogers

Wally Ostrenga

Ladies’ Improvement Society

• M.A. Lichtfeld

• Kathy Thomas

• Betty Kruska

• Kathy Fellerson

• Kathy Witte

• Kathy Mahoney

• Doreen Peterson

• Millie Kaske

• Betty O’Donnell

• Joan Nyenhuis

• Pat Breunig

• Judith Bodden

• Judy McConnell

• Kathy Darwin

• Mary Nesbit

• Kathy Gerber

• Judy Harbort

• Margaret Metcalfe

• Deb Whitehorse

• JoAnn Stanton

• Nancy Kugle

• Terri O’Conner

• Leslie Busse

• Mary Pringle

• Sarah Whalen

• Sue Manning

• Susan Fox

• In memoriam: Zona Appel, Maggie Schuchardt, Betty Schaefer


(Sound like fun? Applications to volunteer for a committee are available on the city website. and/or contact the Mayor or an alder to express your interest.)

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