Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet Vicky Selkowe TODAY - SATURDAY

I received the following invite to meet Vicky Selkowe, one of the candidates in the Democratic primary for the 48th Assembly District, today at Caribou Coffee between 2 PM and 4 PM.

I know of two other candidates, Patrick Miles, County Board Supervisor from McFarland and Bethany Ordaz, legislative aide and former SEIU organizer.


As you make your weekend plans (which might include the first Farmers' Market of the season and a chance to show Sarah Palin what democracy looks like), make sure you also add to the calendar a stop at Caribou Coffee in Monona (115 E. Broadway) anytime between 2-4 on Saturday to meet Vicky Selkowe, who just declared her candidacy for State Assembly in our district and who I'm proud to support.

Don't just take my word for how great Vicky is, come meet her for yourself. This is the first in a series of "Meet Me in Monona!" events Vicky is going to be doing and I hope you'll stop by on Saturday afternoon to see for yourself why I'm so excited to be supporting her. And please forward this invitation to others in Monona.

Information here:

P.S. Vicky officially launched her campaign yesterday at the East Side Club, surrounded by dozens of community leaders and District 48 residents. There will be video of the press conference on her website soon, but in the meantime, I really (really) encourage you to take a few minutes and read the speech she wrote and delivered yesterday: It is phenomenal.


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