Monday, February 21, 2011

Monona City Council Preview - February 21, 2011

Reposting. Note the story in the WSJ this morning Conflict brews in Monona over 'blighted' buildings.


The Monona city council meets next Monday, February 21, 2011. Here are some of the items on the agenda.

Appearance by Chris James of Dane County Parks Regarding Dane County Open Space Plan and Yahara Recreational Trail.

2006-2011 Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan Regional Trail Map

2012-2017 Plan:

2006-2011 Plan:

G. Council Action Items.

1. Unfinished Business (Approval Requested Unless Otherwise Noted).

a. Consideration of Resolution 11-02-1750 Approving a Redevelopment Plan for North Monona Drive – Redevelopment Project Area No. 7 (CDA). Map of Redevelopment Districts.

b. Consideration of Resolution 11-02-1752 A Preliminary Resolution Declaring Intent to Exercise Special Assessment Police Powers Under Section 66.0703, Wisconsin Statutes, in the City of Monona, Dane County, Wisconsin, for Street Improvements to Tecumseh Avenue, Neponset Trail, Nishishin Trail, Nishishin Trail NE, and Pocahontas Drive (City Administrator).

2. New Business.

a. Consideration of Resolution 11-02-1753, 2011 Pool Locker Room Flooring Project (Park & Recreation Board).

b. Consideration of Resolution 11-02-1754 Naming of Ahuska Park Football Field “Haukereid Field” (Park & Recreation Board).

c. Consideration of Resolution 11-02-1755 Authorizing the Approval of Final Offers for Monona Drive Phase II Land Acquisitions (City Administrator).

In other news, interviews of applicants for the Public Works Director position will be on February 28.

The city plans to interview three applicants for the city facility study on March 1.

I am on both interview panels.

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  1. I was scrolling through the Blogs after I viewed mine. I thought Monona was about a small town in Northeast Iowa which is very near my birthplace of Clayton, Iowa on the Mississippi River.

    But such is not the case.