Monday, February 21, 2011

Monona City Council Post-View

A quick report of a quick Monona city council meeting tonight.
Appearance by Chris James of Dane County Parks Regarding Dane County Open Space Plan and Yahara Recreational Trail. (Delayed until next time.)

Alder Kugle was excused from the meeting due to the passing of his father late Saturday night. Our condolences go out to Dennis and his family.

G. Council Action Items.
1. Unfinished Business (Approval Requested Unless Otherwise Noted).

a. Consideration of Resolution 11-02-1750 Approving a Redevelopment Plan for North Monona Drive – Redevelopment Project Area No. 7 (CDA). Map of Redevelopment Districts. Adopted 4-1 (Alder Veserat opposed.).

b. Consideration of Resolution 11-02-1752 A Preliminary Resolution Declaring Intent to Exercise Special Assessment Police Powers Under Section 66.0703, Wisconsin Statutes, in the City of Monona, Dane County, Wisconsin, for Street Improvements to Tecumseh Avenue, Neponset Trail, Nishishin Trail, Nishishin Trail NE, and Pocahontas Drive (City Administrator).

Adopted 5-0. However, the project estimate upon which we based our borrowing, incorrectly failed to include the installation of storm sewer. The estimated project cost is now about $1.7 million rather than the approximate $850,000 that we budgeted. The special assessment are based only on road costs and do not include the cost of the storm sewers (the storm water utility will pay that cost). At this point we are waiting for a staff analysis of borrowing options before deciding how to proceed. 

2. New Business.
a. Consideration of Resolution 11-02-1753, 2011 Pool Locker Room Flooring Project (Park & Recreation Board). Suspended the rules and adopted 5-0.

b. Consideration of Resolution 11-02-1754 Naming of Ahuska Park Football Field “Haukereid Field” (Park & Recreation Board). Suspended the rules and adopted 5-0.


Miscellaneous city bits and pieces. The city's labor contracts do not expire until at least the end of 2012 with the exception of the fire department contract and their contract is exempt from the governor's budget repair bill. Department heads and other nonreps, who are already paying 10% of their health insurance premium will have to pay 12% under the bill.

The new audio system for the Community Center has been installed. Attendees of functions such as the city's annual appreciation gathering will now be able to actually hear the speakers, which may or may not be a good thing.

The Monona Landmarks Commission is putting together an updated edition of the Monona Landmarks booklet that has been out-of-print and sold out for quite some time.

Watch a video about Monona's landmarks. "Learn about some of Monona's famous homes, and Native American heritage."

The Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission will hold its monthly meeting in Monona tomorrow (February 22) at 4 PM at the Monona Public Library.


  1. I'm glad to hear the redevelopment plan is moving forward.

    I'd like to know why Veserat opposed. Was he siding with some of the businesses that didn't appreciate being "blighted?"

    The other thing that I'm curious about is why Rubins was saddled with the label. That place actually look decent, although I realize this is a subjective assessment.

    Finally, it would be nice to know where all the candidates stand on this. Its pretty clear where Miller stands, but I've heard that in the past, Wiswell has opposed TIF. I'd also like to know what Speight's opinion is.

  2. Will the council issue a statement on the Governor's budget proposal? He says he is holding out to make things easier for local governments so I think the council has a duty to weigh in. The MG school board has...

  3. "Will the council issue a statement on the Governor's budget proposal?"

    I don't know. So far no one has expressed any interest in doing so.

  4. Rubin's was blighted as it carries an undermarket tax value relative to a more current and better use of that parcel. Its not subjective. Its outlined in the report that's driving this effort.