Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monona Parks Capital Plan

The Monona Parks & Rec Board recently reviewed the 5-year capital plan, including additions for 2015 and 2016 and an action plan extending through 2020.

The January 11, 2011 packet is here:

The capital plan pages begin on page 7. Staff recommendations begin on page 12. Click on the image below to enlarge the document.

Go to http://mononadoug.blogspot.com/2011/01/updated-monona-parks-capital-plan.html to see the update spreadsheets.


  1. Where is Three Meadows Park? (Hah, I bet you thought nobody would actually read this!)

  2. "Where is Three Meadows Park?"

    It's in the residential development off of Femrite Drive (not sure what the area is called now, but it was called the Onderdonk Oaks area at one time).

    From the city website: Three Meadows Park, one of the city’s newest parks, is located Monona’s easternmost neighborhood, called Oak Park. The park is divided into two separate neighborhood areas, the east and west, each serving a different purpose. The parks are divided by a small wetland. A trail was constructed in 2000 to connect the parks through the wetland, with a bridge.



  3. I'm confused. On page 8 it has "ice skating/hockey rink" scheduled for 2012 at a cost of $60k. Then for their recommendation it has an ice hockey rink pushed back to 2017 at a cost of $100k? Is this just sort of a "Duke Nukem Forever" type of project that gets pushed back indefinitely?

    Also, is there any update on the Shelter? An ice rink would be fantastic. The parks dept spreading water on the lagoon to get a better skating area is phenomenal. I have to say, though, having someplace warm to put skates on would do more to get me out skating than either of the two actions listed above......

  4. It is too bad that the splash park is not in the budget until 2015. That is such a great thing when we have visited other cities. It would be a nice addition to our city.