Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Updated Monona Parks Capital Plan

Here are some updates to the Park & Rec capital plan, including the third draft of the 2010-2020 action plan (3rd draft) and the draft 2012-2016 capital plan. These are both works-in-progress. Jake Anderson reports that the Parks Board got through funding years 2012-2013 at the January 2011 meeting and the 2014-2016 plans are still up for debate/recommendation at the February meeting.

The 2010-2020 Action Plan are staff recommendations (2010 and 2011 reflect the actual capital budget adopted by the council).

Once adopted by the Parks Board, the 2012-2016 capital plan will be the Board's recommendation to the mayor and city council.

Like all budgets, these are planning documents and subject to change and moreover, these are *drafts*. If you would like to see priorities changed, you may want to let that be known directly to the director, the Board or the council.

And below is the draft 2012-2016 Parks Board's capital plan (the layout is a little hinky):

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