Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Green Tuesdays Films & Lectures


Next Tuesday, January 11: A River of Waste, plus student short, America's Dairyland

A heart-stopping new documentary, A River of Waste exposes the huge health and environmental horrors of our modern industrial system of meat and poultry production, a system dominated by the use of arsenic, antibiotics, and growth hormones, a system which dumps massive amounts of sewage into fragile community waterways. This film provides evidence of the harms caused by our massive consumption of cheap meat and poultry. Student short, America's Dairyland, invites you to meet today's milk producers and cheese packers - Farmer Johns and Farmer Juans, the new faces of dairy production.

Green Tuesdays: Creating awareness, sparking conversation, empowering change.
A free series of films, presentations, and conversations that help us become more aware of the resources we rely on and the actions we can take to better our world, Monona's Green Tuesdays are on the second and fifth Tuesdays of the month, from September through May. All are welcome.

Green Tuesdays, a project of The Natural Step Monona and the Monona Public Library, now reaches four additional communities: Mt. Horeb, Middleton, Cross Plains, and Oregon. To see the calendar for all Green Tuesday and Thursday dates, go to www.tnsmonona.org/green-tuesdays-green-thursdays. Whole Foods serves treats, so please come early for delightful food and drink.

Green Tuesdays is sponsored by The Natural Step Monona in collaboration with Oregon Working to Live Sustainably (OWLS), Mount Horeb Area Sustainability Network, RGPL Green Tuesdays (Cross Plains), the City of Middleton Sustainability Committee, Cottage Grove Green Tuesdays, and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, and is supported by the Dane County Environmental Council.

Upcoming Green Tuesdays in Monona:
February 8: Trees with Sean Gere of Gere Tree Care.
March 8: End of the Line and Getting Them Home.

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