Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Draft RTA Plans - Part 3

Part 3 of the draft RTA plan,


(12/21/10 Draft for Discussion Only)

B. THE WHY- The Cost / Benefit Analysis

1. The Need – Current and Future

The Dane County region continues to be a major draw for population and jobs now and in the future. A Comprehensive Plan for Regional Transit is an opportunity for the region to potentially do the following:

• Increase transit choices and mobility options for people in the region

• Better connect jobs and people and the region’s many communities through a coordinated and expanded transit system

• Help address growing traffic congestion especially in geographically constrained or “pinch point” areas

• Promote compact walkable communities and efficient infrastructure

• Preserve agricultural lands and sensitive natural resource areas

• Allow autos, busses, bikes, trains and pedestrians to function together compatibly

• Potentially reduce air emissions in the region

Continuing with the “Business as Usual Scenario” means the region would make less progress in achieving the above goals than it would potentially achieve under a Comprehensive Plan for Regional Transit.

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