Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mayor Kahl Decides to Bow Out

The city council received an email from Mayor Robb Kahl earlier today with the news that he has decided not to seek a fifth term as mayor of Monona. Here's his message:


I made Pat and other department heads aware yesterday that it is not my intent to seek a fifth term as Mayor. I have truly enjoyed the experience and am humbled by the confidence the electorate has placed in me but it is simply time to move on. I know many will speculate that this move has something to do with me joining Scott Walker's administration. While I acknowledge I have been approached and I have met with them, as of today I have not accepted any offers for employment with them. This decision is independent of that appointment process but rather based simply on the fact that I have been in elective office 10 years now and I have four children age 6 and under and I can run for and serve in elective office anytime I want but I can only be a part of their childhood once.

I look forward to serving out my term and wrapping up some pressing items to make sure my successor has a smooth transition. I wanted to call each of you but with family commitments last night and this weekend I am not sure I can accomplish that and I wanted each of you to hear this news from me first. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your families.

Robb Kahl


City of Monona


  1. Thanks, Carl, but I am not running for Mayor. I have thought about it and have decided it's not for me.

    I think Bob would be (will be) an excellent mayor.