Saturday, December 18, 2010

Greener Monona

If not Bluer and Brighter (or was it Breezier?), we are making progress in making Monona greener in at least two ways: using less energy and saving greenbacks in the process.

The Monona Sustainability Committee met this week and  heard from a citizen about excessive outdoor residential lighting, discussed several initiatives, and heard a report on the city's 25X25 Plan.

New Staff: The new committee staff for the Sustainability Committee, Andrew Hagen and Jeff Greger attended the meeting. Andy is the city/school cable guy. Jeff is the Assistant to City Eng./GIS Specialist. He did much of the work to put the 25X25 plan together, esp. data collection and analysis.

Pat Marsh will continue to staff the committee on an as needed basis.

The agenda is here. We also handed out homework to the committee members, but, hey, could you help me do my homework? Pleaaaassse?

Green Monona Tour. Putting the Tour on Cable TV and city website.

We want to record green things people do/have/practice in their homes or businesses. They do not have to be on the actual Green Monona Tour to be on the Virtual Tour. These clips will be on the website and cable channel. We will add a few as we can and they can be filmed at any time of the year. Suggestions welcome.

Green Monona Map.

Green Tips. 25X25 Education Initiative

As part of the city's 25X25 Plan, we are committed to doing community education intiatives. The Committee wants to come up with "5 Tips that You Can Do" and build an education program around them. Put up the list all over town.

Some could be easy, some could be hard. We need to express the idea/thing/practice in a few words. Suggest a green tip.


Personally, I'm hoping we can work in the Green Weenie somehow - Pittsburgh Pirates, Bob Prince and all that.

The Committee is still working on defining the purpose of the map. We are looking for examples (and have found some). with a map of Milwaukee.

And one for Dubuque:

Watch this video - a 9-1/2 minute PBS clip about Dubuque about the greening of that city. (There is a bit of the East Coast bias - sort of "Gosh, Dubuque, Iowa?)

Racine Google Map.

What places/businesses/projects around town should be on the map? Suggestions welcome.

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