Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bob Miller Announces His Candidacy

Here is Bob Miller's press release:

Bob Miller announces his candidacy for Monona Mayor.

In announcing his candidacy, long time resident and businessman Bob Miller said, “Monona is a wonderful community I have been proud to call home for the past 21 years. This is an exciting time for our city with substantial new commercial development underway, a safer and revitalized Monona Drive and continued efforts to welcome new families to Monona. I am proud to have participated in many of these initiatives and by serving as Mayor, I will work hard to preserve and enhance those qualities that make us want to live, work and invest in Monona’s future.

It is important to capitalize now on these successes, but to also work to revitalize those areas of the community that require attention. We need to retain and improve our family-friendly qualities like our parks, lakefront and community services. As mayor, I would work in a positive way to foster open communication between the city and its residents, maintain the city’s fiscal strength and essential services like police and fire protection and help Monona move towards a more sustainable future.”

Miller is owner of Compound Profit Wisconsin, a business financial services company in Monona. He previously served one term as a Monona alder. Currently, he is chair of the Community Development Authority. Miller also serves on the Monona Drive Advisory Committee and the Sustainability Committee. Previously, he served on Personnel and Finance Committee, Broadband Telecommunications Advisory Board, Ad Hoc Marketing Committee and the Mass Transit Authority.

Involved in many civic and community service organizations, Miller serves on the Yahara Lakes Association Board, The Natural Step Monona Board and The Sewing Machine Project Advisory Board. He served on the boards of the University of Wisconsin Journalism School Board of Visitors, the Urban League of Greater Madison, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, CTM Madison Family Theatre Company and the Madison Boychoir. Miller recently assisted in the successful “Booked for Life” fundraising campaign for the Monona library and headed up fundraising for the original library expansion. An active volunteer in the Monona Grove schools, which his two children attended, Miller teamed to help create the high school vocal department’s parent volunteer group - MG SINGS.

Miller is an active member of the Monona Optimists, the Monona Chamber of Commerce and the Monona Grove Businessmen’s Association. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin Journalism School, Miller previously managed WKOW-TV and Discover Mediaworks.

Miller resides at 5907 Winnequah Rd. with his wife, Pam and has two grown children, Wyatt and Rebecca.

For more information contact:

Bob Miller

(608) 222-1922


  1. Yes! Bob will be great for (is great for) Monona. He has my vote.

  2. He does not have my vote.

  3. It's neck-and-neck....

    How about stating a reason or two?

  4. Maywood SupporterMonday, December 20, 2010

    Unless the Hell's Kitchen chef from Monona runs, Bob has my vote.

  5. That's what I'm talking about (or talkinbout) - a reason. Are you Russell Kook II over Bob Miller because you think Kook's a better chef?

    Is Kook the candidate who, at the end of the day, demonstrates the change agent's competencies needed to impactfully repurpose city government on the path forward toward the 21st century challenges facing local governance by seamlessly drilling down and moving forward while positioning the city outside the box, but not over the top? Or not?

  6. Dear Mr. Miller,

    Please feel free to put a yard sign at 4706 Shore Acres Rd. and count on my support!


    Mr. Meyer

  7. I think Bob would be a great mayor. He is able to move things forward, even if they aren't popular (like the smoking ban), because he can get people from both sides to debate and compromise.

  8. Doug,
    Do you think this town can handle a Mayoral race? It is uncharted waters for most of us.

  9. Pleased to see Bob Miller running for Mayor.

    Bob is in touch with the citizens of Monona's concerns.

    He was engaged with the people at Hickory Lane during it's closing and met with us to become educated as to our situation. He is a straight shooter who is sincerely interested in talking face to face to find solutions.

    He came into the park when others only drove by.

    Though I no longer live in Monona I encourage others to get to know Bob, as he is an open book and is always interested in being in "the know".