Monday, October 04, 2010

Monona City Web Site Suggestions

I am working with city staff to improve the Monona city of 's web site.

Two specific improvements: Create one central document page where users could access all city agendas, minutes, plans, reports, forms. Any document available on the city's web site would be accessible through this one page. The city of De Pere has an excellent web site, including a Document Center:

Create email lists so that interested persons could sign up to automatically receive various city-related emails. For example, again from the city of De Pere:

Do you have any suggestions? Specific or general.
Anything you would like to see added?
Is there information you would like to see added?
Do you have any suggestions about how the web site is organized?
Do you have any web sites to recommend?


  1. I like both of your ideas.

    Complaint: When you look at the archives of agendas and minutes for any committee, there are two problems: one, it's rather messy and hard to find things (couldn't it be put in a neat list?), and two, not everything is posted. You go looking for an agenda for a meeting that happened in the past and the minutes might be there but the agenda isn't, or nothing is there for a meeting you know took place. It's not often, but enough to bug you.

    Suggestion: How about a calendar in addition to the scrolling list of events? I like the scrolling list so you can see the titles of things, but a calendar to see when they are in a visual way would be nice, too.

  2. I think the website is pretty good. "Marketplace" (link from main page) is a poorly chosen word though. When I read that, I think online store.

  3. You need a page where all the city committees are listed with their Chairs, staff persons, and members. We shouldn't have to click on the links for each and every committe to see who's leading each of them, who's on tham, and who's staffing them.

    Also-- how about a calendar with all the city committee/council meetings listed (and current)? You know, the X committee meets on the X day of the month, so you know when they all are?