Sunday, August 22, 2010

Green Tuesdays Aren't Just on Tuesday Anymore

I came across some pretty exciting news recently. The Green Tuesday events, started in partnership with the Monona Public Library in 2008 by our own local Monona grassroots group, The Natural Step Monona, are spreading far and wide - like measles if you don't vaccinate your kids.

Green Tuesdays will now also be on Thursday and will be taking place in Oregon (the Village not the state),  Cross Plains, Middleton, Mt. Horeb, and Cottage Grove. The films will be riding the circuit (click the link for totally unrelated, but cool Wisconsin legal history) thanks to a partnership with film festival planners from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

Yes, Green Tuesdays are all grown up and leaving their Monona home.

But seriously, wow, that's quite an accomplishment folks.


  1. Heather here:

    I'm glad you posted The Natural Step Monona info, but not sure I would compare our Green Tuesdays expansion to the spread of measles. Ick! How about comparing it to the ripples on a pond -- spreading knowledge outward into Dane county? Ahh. Isn't that a more pleasant image?

    Also, we may be all grown up, but we're not leaving home. We will still have Green Tuesdays films and presentations at the Monona Public Library on the second and fifth Tuesdays of the month, September through May.

    Thanks for letting me nit pick.

  2. Yeah, but measles *are* part of the natural environment and are really, really contagious.

    Spreading knowledge is hard work.