Monday, July 26, 2010

Monona Plan Commission Considers Entryway Feature Tonight

Monona Plan Commission Meeting

Date: Mon - 07/26/2010
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Library Community Media Room

Complete agenda

Action on Request for the Monona Business Center Multi-Tenant Office/Warehouse Buildings at 2201 and 2401 Industrial Drive, Represented by Mike Kelly, for Approval of Revisions to the Signage Plan Approved in 1991 for These Buildings. (Case No. S-005-2010) Tabled 6/28/10

Public Hearing & Prehearing Conference for Meriter Health, Represented by Steve Harms, Tri-North Builders and Doug Pahl, Kahler Slater Architects, Proposing the Development of a 45,000 Square Foot Two Story Medical Clinic Building at the Site of the Office Rental Building and Mini Storage Warehouses at Copps Avenue and East Broadway and Stoughton Road. (Case No. 2-012-2010)

Prehearing Conference for Review of Plans and Designs for a New Electronic Community Reader Board Landscape Ground Sign at Broadway and Monona Drive. (Case No. S-015-2010)

Review and Consideration of Action on Approval and Recommendation to the City Council for Approval of Final Concept Plans and Designs for the Monona Entry Features Site at Monona Drive and the Beltline Highway 12 & 18.

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