Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birds and Biking

While out for an early morning bike ride along the Capital City Trail, I came upon a family of Sandhill cranes; mom, pop and junior.

A red-winged blackbird kept buzzing the cranes and was clearly unhappy about their presence.

Click on the photos for a larger image.

I tried a different route by diverting off the state trail at South Syene Road and followed an off-road trail that skirted a subdivision and a US Fish and Wildlife fishing restoration area - or something like that.

ON my way home, I was reminded why I generally avoid the bumpouts on Winnequah Road, especially when I'm headed northbound. More on that in another post. My guess is the bumpouts will be a piece of history after the 2011 construction year.

In random news, Sunny Schubert 'friended' me on Facebook! And I friended her back. What a marvelous modern world we live in.....  

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