Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monona K-9 and the Memorial Day Parade

Monona Police Chief Walter Ostrenga reports that if it is not too hot, he will be escorting his Labrador "Neenah" at the front of the Monona Memorial Day Parade to help raise funds for the MOPD K-9 unit. (Neenah is his family pet, not a real police dog).

Wally and Neenah will be accompanied by Wayne & Leah Kimmels' boys with along the route with donation cans. There will also be a hot dog and soda/water stand at Monona Drive and Nichols Road. Food donated by Kens and beverages donated by Wal-Mart. All proceeds to go towards the K-9 program.

To date $11,000 has been raised, which is enough for the dog and initial handler training, but another $10,000 is needed to equip the squad.

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  1. Chief Walter OstrengaTuesday, June 01, 2010

    Thanks for posting this at the last minute.
    We were able to raise $618 walking with my dog Neehan and another $483 with hot dog sales. This puts us at around $12,000 towards our $20,000 goal. We have enough money to purchase a dog and train a handler, now we're working on the additional squad car equipment needed (computer, printer and camera system) with keeping an extra car in the fleet.
    Thank you to everyone who contributed, the addition of this dog will ultimately benefit everyone in our Monona community.

    Chief Wally Ostrenga