Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Monona Memorial Day Parade Photos

Photos I took at the 2010 Monona Memorial Day Parade are available for viewing at Photobucket. Here's a sample.


  1. Doug,

    Great photos-I have walked in the parade for several years now, it is always a good time.

    Yet, one new thing I noticed was children running out into the parade asking you for candy. I did not give them any and just said get back. I wonder about parents sometimes.

  2. I was going to post that too. I kept my kids on the curb and there were SO MANT KIDS literally 15 ft out into the street that my kids could not see a thing. We went home early because of it. :( Shame on those parents for being unsafe (they were inches from cars!!) and ruining it for others.

    I do appreciate the work that goes in to run it...thank you.

  3. Um, if there's candy 15' out into the street then that's where the kids are going to be.

    Sounds like you were the only one in the parade without candy...

  4. they do not need to stand there the whole parade.

  5. No-I had candy-

    To be clearer-children were running out in to the middle of the street and asking you for candy INSTEAD of waiting till it was rolled or handed to them (I had candy dot, dot yourself)....AND it is just a hoot to have 6 y/o yelling at you for candy in the middle of the street WHEN there is a 7 ton truck to your left and one in back of you.

  6. My wife reports that there was much commotion and tears shed near her location when that 'float' went past. The working assumption is that meant the answer was 'yes', but it's open to interpretation.