Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Frostwoods Road/Monona Drive Intersection to be Temporarily Closed

The Frostwoods Road/Monona Drive intersection will be temporarily closed for 2 and a half days during the week of April 12-16.

Monona Drive Phase 1 Update

From city engineer Rich Vela's report on the Monona Drive project:

• The contractor, R.G. Huston Company, has initiated construction activities for 2010 on March 1, 2010 with Stage 3 activities which consist of the utility and street improvements along the west side of Monona Drive....Stage three construction activities are scheduled to be completed by early July 2010.
Stage 3 underground utility work is scheduled to be completed by early May. Concrete pavement is scheduled to be poured in June 2010. The project is on schedule.
• MG&E is undergrounding the overhead power lines from Broadway to Frost Woods Road as part of its system improvements. The undergrounding of the overhead lines from Frost Woods Road to Nichols Road is being done at the request of the City. This work has been completed.
MG&E has removed the power poles along the west side of Monona Drive from Broadway to Nichols Road. Temporary street lighting will be provided at the intersections along the aforementioned stretch of Monona Drive as well as between intersections such that the maximum spacing between lights will be approximately 500 feet. This temporary reduction in street lighting will be in effect until summer 2010 when, as part of the stage three project improvements, the permanent street lighting will be installed along the west side of Monona Drive. Permanent street lighting along the east side of Monona Drive is part of stage four of the project improvements and is scheduled to be installed in late summer 2010.

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