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Back to the Salt Mines - Monona city council preview CORRECTED

CORRECTION: The boundaries shown on the maps originally linked are incorrect. The new proposal includes only parcels #1, 2, 3 and 4.

Link to revised maps: MAP 2: Redevelopment Project Area #8 as Recommended by CDA
MAP 3: Redevelopment Project Area #8, Property Condition Map
Original post:
Not only do I have have to return to work tomorrow, but we also have a city of Monona finance and personnel meeting and a regular city council meeting. Waah. Poor me.

Here's the agenda Agenda 1/4/10

Packet: Jan. 4, 2010 Packet

It's not a very lengthy agenda but all items are likely of some interest.

Consent agenda: Consideration Of 2009/2010 “Class A” Liquor and Class “A” Fermented Malt Beverage Application For Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens #04830, 5300 Monona Drive, Monona, Wisconsin, 53716, Agent Jeremy Iverson, 2676 Osmundson Road, Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53711.

Walgreen's says they do not plan to sell hard liquor. Of course, once they have a license they can change their mind about that. The LRC recommended approval provided they have a way to lock up the beer and wine after 9 pm and before 7 am (or is it 8?) and have a security camera for that area.

Unfinished Business: Consideration of Resolution 09-12-1669 Declaring Redevelopment Project Area No. 8 A Blighted Area (CDA). This is the former Hickory Lanes area.

New business: Consideration of Resolution 10-01-1673 Approving Participation in a County-Wide Radio System with Conditions (Public Safety Commission, Alderman Wood). This relates to the proposed DaneCom system.

Consideration of Resolution 09-12-1671 Approval of 2010 Capital Budget and 2010-2014 Capital Improvements Program (Mayor Kahl).

2010 Captial Budget (Searchable! Thanks to Leah Kimmel.)

1. Thomas Stolper to the Regional Transit Authority.

An interesting selection. Monona does not necessarily get a rep; we will be in a rotation with other smaller cities and villages.

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