Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monona Sues Shelter Architect

The city of Monona filed suit on September 15, 2009 against the Mayo Corporation and Michael McCoy (Hereafter, Mayo), the firm and architect hired by the city for the Winnequah Park Shelter.

The complaint states two causes of action: First, a breach of contract because Mayo failed to design a heated shelter as specifically required by its contract with the city of Monona. Second, the complaint asserts professional negligence by architect McCoy.

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  1. THANK YOU!! Maybe now we can finally get a heated shelter in the park after how many years now?

  2. Did the city get estimated costs to remodel the shelter to meet energy codes?

  3. Mayo is no longer in business. How will that affect this lawsuit?

  4. Mayo had insurance.

    It is not clear what will be done or whether it is feasible to bring the shelter up to code for winter heating.

  5. "Feasible"? While I understand that the city would want to recoup its losses from... not being able to use the shelter in the winter time, shouldn't we have included in the lawsuit whatever it's going to cost to bring it up to code? I'd say that if we had all of that outlined in the RFP and Mayo did not uphold their end of the contract, the damages should extend to whatever it will cost to correct it, right?

  6. We are seeking full money damages.

    The question is whether the omissions that make the building fail to meet the code are correctable short of tearing down the existing building.

    You can see the complaint here: