Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Even More Monona City Council News

Aside from the festivities already described, the Monona city council also approved a 35% increase in the sewer rates, a $66 annual increase for the average sewer customer. Resolution 09-08-1644 Approving a Sanitary Sewer Rate Increase See my August 19 post for more details. Monona Council Report - Part Two

The council approved a "Smoking Area" Premise Extension For Tully’s II Food & Spirits, 6401 Monona Drive. The Hayes' submitted an improved and revised plan for an outdoor dining, drinking, and smoking area. Tully's II Smoking Area Premise Extension

The council also:

Passed a resolution of "Recommendation to the State of Wisconsin to Create a State Statute to Ban Handheld Use of Cell Phones and Text Messaging While Operating a Motor Vehicle" 09-09-1645 Recommendation to State to Ban Cell Phones While Driving .

Approved Participation in a Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety Speed Enforcement 2010 Traffic Grant Resolution 09-09-1647, Participation in a 2010 Speed Enforcement Traffic Grant

Awarded a Contract for Project MO-02-09 Belle Isle Storm Water Lift Stations Resolution 09-09-1648, Award of Contract for Belle Isle Storm Water Lift Station

Passed a resolution Permitting Left Turns Onto Monona Drive From Owen Road.


Consideration of Substitute Resolution 09-09-1646 Approval of Police Canine Unit Policy, Authorization to Establish a Canine Unit and to Solicit Donations to Fund a Police K-9 Unit Resolution 09-09-1646 Regarding a Police Canine Unit The revised policy would require 'reasonable suspicion' before the dog could be deployed on a drug sniff during a routine traffic stop.

Awarding a contract for 2010 street engineering design to Vierbicher. A principal in the D'Onfrio Kottke firm made an appearance and made a strong case that the contract should be awarded to his firm. Resolution 09-09-1649, Design & Construction Engineering Services for 2010 Street/Utility Improvements

Creation of a Monona Drive Fa├žade Improvement Program (city matching grant of up to $10,000) Resolution 09-09-1650, Approval to Initiate Monona Dr. Facade Improvement Program


The council also approved a number of minor ordinance amendments:

Ordinance 08-09-599, Regulating the Use of Skateboards & In-Line Skates
Ordinance 08-09-604, Amending Code Regarding Prohibiting Theft
Ordinance 08-09-606, Amending Code Concerning Vehicle Equipment Standards
Ordinance 08-09-607, Prohibiting False Complaint of Police Misconduct


  1. Doug:

    What's the argument for allowing left turns onto Monona Drive from Owen Road? I know the city used that funky curving to prevent it in the past, pre-reconstruction. Is it the feeling that because the Drive will now be five lanes, with a center turn lane, that such left turns will now be safer?

    I'm a bit skeptical; a primary (if not the main) purpose of the reconstruction is improved safety, with fewer curb cuts on both sides of the Drive. Does the reconstruction plan somehow make it necessary for cars utilizing businesses in that area to use Owen if they want to head north on Monona Drive? Living (and driving) in Monona for many years, folks figured out that if you wanted to head north on Monona Drive from west of the Drive, you had to access it from Broadway (light, left-turn signal), Frost Woods (light, left-turn signal), or Nichols (light, ought to be a left-turn signal). I'd argue the fewer left turns onto Monona Drive, the better. But maybe there's an argument for it that I haven't heard; I'm open to convincing!

  2. Hey Phil. Technically, I'm on vacation but for you, I will try to answer (after tonight I am headed for Parts North).

    The new curbs have limited the ability of customers to turn left from Kens and Angelo's. Left turns from Owen will be allowed after construction is done and there will be a traffic light at that intersection.

    The left-turn prohibition was put in back when David's Jamaican was a Taco Bell with much higher in/out traffic and lots of crashes. That condition doesn't exist anymore.