Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monona Council Report - Part Two

Part Two of the report on the Monona city council August 17, 2009 council meeting. For part one: Monona Council Report - Police Version

The complete agenda AGENDA Council 8/17/09

Here is the Herald Independent story on the meeting: Utility rate hike needed in Monona

The council approved:

Acquisition of real estate at 4505 Monona Drive for a price of $165,000 to be used as part of a long-term redevelopment as proposed by the Community Development Authority .

A liquor law license premise extension for Joe's Fire Station, 900 East Broadway to allow construction of an outdoor porch.

Appointment of Peggy Wireman to the Committee on Family Attraction, Retention, and City Promotion.

The council discussed a proposed 35% increase in the sanitary sewer rates. We are informed that this increase would equate to a $66 annual increase for the average sewer customer. The need for the increase is due to capital spending in 2008-2009 (10% increase), 2010-2011 proposed sewer projects (15%; mainly related to Monona Drive and Belle Isle street projects), and a 5.5% pass-through increase from Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District.

I think everyone's initial reaction is the gag reflex, but the staff makes a compelling case. Resolution 09-08-1644 Sanitary Sewer Rate Increase

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By the way, the staff reports deliver all manner of information:

Department Report, Police & Dispatch
Police Monthly Reports, May & June 2009

Department Report, Library

During the monthe of July [2009], the library continued to see increases in circulation and use. Circulation increased by 10% for the month and 13% for the year. The summer reading game was quite successful and we saw a great improvement in the number of teens and adults participa ing in the summer reading game during the month of July. Children’s circulation went up by 17% for the month and Young Adult circulation saw a 12% increase. Library traffic increased by 2% for the month and 7% for the year. We are gratified to have these double digit increases and will be watching cl sely as we go into the fall to see if the work on Monona Drive will be affecting the number of people visiting the library, and checking out materials.

Department Report, Senior Center
Department Report, City Clerk
Department Report, Planning & Community Development

From Planner Paul Kachelmaier:
Potential New Development
-Met with a realtor and business who want to purchase the former Jiffy Lube building and relocate a floral shop there.
-Met with a principle from Lee & Associates who is looking for sites on Monona Drive for a chain casual restaurant and a bank.


  1. "Chain casual restaurant" Huh. It will definitely be appreciated, although I'd rather have a local brew-pub with good food as opposed to an Applebees (just a guess). Anything that can make MD more of a "destination location" is absolutely appreciated, though.

  2. Yes, I'd love to have a locally owned brew-pub on Monona Drive, but the places that thrive have been high-volume places, like Red Robin and BW3.

    I noticed that the Thai Garden at Lake Edge Mall appears to have closed its doors.