Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recycle That Stuff

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce and reuse are kind of up to you.

Take 20 minutes and watch The Story of Stuff.

(Unfortunately, Monona just lost its Monona NeighborNation web site that helped people reuse stuff. They need someone who knows and is willing to help with PHP/MySQL.) Fortunately, there's still Craigslist.

UPDATE: Thanks to Scott warner for pointing out that you can also try . The Madison-area page is at:

In Monona, Green Valley Disposal handles the city's waste and recycling collection.

If you're like me you can never remember what plastic can be reycyled. Read on. (What? You cna reycyle aluminum foil?)

From the Green Valley web site:

We Make Recycling Easier!
Cans and foil - rinse clean NO LICENSE PLATES
Clear, green, brown - bottles and jars, rinse clean NO LIDS, NO WINDOW GLASS
All plastic containers marked #1 through #7; 5 gallon pails, wire handles removed; rinse clean; drain automotive containers well - NO PLASTIC BAGS OR STYROFOAM
Cardboard and Mixed Paper
Corrugated cardboard - flattened; newspapers, paper-board, phone books, post-it notes, typing paper, white letterhead, writing paper, beverage cases, adding machine tape, carbonless forms, cereal boxes, colored paper, computer paper, copy paper, envelopes, windowed envelopes, fax paper, file folders, magazines, manila folders. NO NAPKINS, PAPER TOWELS, TISSUE, PAPER PLATES OR WAXED MATERIAL


  1. Doug, has a large madison area group to help recycle no longer needed items that are still usable. You can post almost anything. We posted for and received a broken VCR for the recent invention camp at Winnequah school. Many of the clothes our kids outgrow end up being reused by others. Before you throw it out, post it! It's the old saying "One person's trash is another's treasure".

    Scott Warner

  2. I knew that....I forgot that I knew it, but I did know it at one time.