Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amnesty at the Monona public library - Time is Running Out

The Monona Public Library is currently offering a Library fine amnesty, from Sunday, September 13 through Saturday, September 19.

Here are the details:

Library Fine Amnesty Week, September 13-19 The Monona Public Library is offering a week of amnesty to encourage the return of all overdue library materials. During the amnesty period, from September 13 through September 19, 2009, overdue and lost materials owned by the Monona Public Library may be returned to the Library and (as long as the material is complete and in good condition) the fines will be waived.

So get busy looking under your bed, in your closets, in the trunk of your car, beneath those piles of magazines, under your sofa, or anywhere else you think you have misplaced overlooked, overdue or lost library materials (e.g. books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) This is your chance to bring ‘em back without any questions being asked. How exactly will this work? It’s simple. All you have to do is return your overdue or lost library materials to the Monona Library’s Main Desk. We just want our books and all of our borrowers back. Please see the FAQ for full details.

What's Your Best Excuse ... For Overdue Library Materials?

As part of our amnesty program for overdue library fines, we invite you, our library patrons and supporters, to share your funniest and most clever excuses (true or not) for having overdue materials. Your excuses are welcome, and the best will be published on our website, highlighted in our Library newsletter, or used for publicity purposes. We will not use your name, unless you prefer to be recognized for your creative genius.

Stop by the Main Desk to fill out an excuse form or send your excuse via email.

Can you top the excuses here? :

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