Thursday, August 13, 2009

Train Photos

As far as I know these are a legit photos of a unique 'unit train'. Normally a unit train is simply a train with a consist of one product - most commonly coal. Not sure why the BNSF would be moving a unit train of locomotives.


  1. Doug - First, you may wish to credit that photo to whomever took it....

    Second, as I have knowledge of such matters, the diesels behind the "road power" were stored due to the downturn of the economy and were not in use. The reason for the moves is that BNSF had stored them on a track in Texas that unfortunately has a history of vandalism and tagging. The units were on their way to a new storage location until they're needed agin - after the economy picks back up. Railroads have many, many locomotives (about 20-25% of the US fleet) and over 35,000 freight cars stored as being unneeded until such time that they're needed once again to "haul the freight". Note that the Wisconsin and Southern is storing surplus center-beam flat cars used for lumber hauling for CP along the old North Western from Olin Ave to McCoy Rd. Once housing and other construction picks up so that they're needed hauling forest products (such as home building), they'll be returned to service.

  2. Thanks for the info. That is consistent with what I have learned since my post.

    One small railroad in northeast Wisconsin is using much of its trackage to store empty freight cars for other railroads and car owners and collecting "rent" rather than moving freight.

    As for giving credit for the photos, I would do so but I received them in an email without attribution so I don't know who took them.