Saturday, May 02, 2009

Stoughton Road Project - Just 15 Years Away

I think I've written before about the USH 51 - Stoughton Road project. For the past five years or so, I've represented the city of Monona on the Policy Advisory Committee. We had our first meeting in quite awhile last week. Here's an update:

Three major alternatives have been developed. Alternative A would basically expands the existing roadway configuration (longer turn lanes, added turn lanes, ramp improvements and so forth). Alternative C would create a freeway from south of the Beltline to Token Creek. Alternative B is a middle-ground, but is closer to the freeway alternative.

Alterantive B "converts the intersections at Pflaum Road, Buckeye Road, Lexington Avenue/Commercial Avenue, East Washington Avenue and Hoepker Road to interchanges. It also provides overpasses (no access from US 51) at Helgeson Drive, Anderson Street, and CTH CV, and free-flow ramps to and from the west side of the Beltline (US 12/18)."

Additional public hearings will be held this summer after completion of the draft EIS.
Like it or hate it, don't get too excited. The project has no identified funding source and construction is projected to begin around 2025.

From DOT's web site:

Proposed alternatives:List of roadway alternatives
Alternative A
Alternative B
Alternative C

See DOT's overview: US 51 corridor, Dane County. Our segment: Central segment - Stoughton Road corridor study from US 12/18 (Madison South Beltline) to Token Creek Parkway in the town of Burke.

Alternatives analysis

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