Saturday, May 02, 2009

Monona Drive Update

Fifteen years until Stoughton Road gets done, but Monona Drive work is just around the corner. We also had a meeting last week on the Monona Drive Project.

Some updates:

Phase One (Broadway to Nichols) begins this August 2009. (Details: Construction Stages) You may have noticed some utility work already. MG&E (Madison Gas and Electric Company - Madison, Wisconsin) is relocating some gas lines from Kings Row to Femrite Drive.

Bid opening for Phase 1 is June 9.

The plan is to bury the overhead power lines between Broadway and Nichols as part of Phase 1.

Most of the work this year will be behind the curbs and also building a temporary lane along the east side in order provide a minimum of three traffic lanes at all times and to be ready to start full rebuild in the spring of 2010.


Phase Two (north end of Winnequah Road to Cottage Grove Road) is scheduled for 2011. The Monona Drive Advisory (Ad-Hoc) committee has approved a typical section for the project from Winnequah to Buckeye. Basically, that section will be rebuilt as is, but with an 8'-wide sidewalk on the west side. The Winnequah Road intersection will be rebuilt as a standard 4-legged intersection.

Besides, the widened sidewalk, the biggest point of contention is the design of the Cottage Grove intersection. Madison leans toward rebuilding with the current design, including the slip lane. Monona leans toward reconfiguring the intersection to a 4-legged intersection that would include Ferchland Place. This issue needs to be resolved soon to stay on the 2011 construction schedule.

For details on the CG Road alternatives, go to page 11 in the Phase II Public Info Meeting 2 Presentation

The next ad hoc committee meeting is May 27 at 7 a.m. at the Library Media Room (yes, seven in the morning).

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  1. Highway 51 updates 15 years away? Sheesh! I'll be dead and gone by then.