Saturday, May 09, 2009

Doyle Switches Parties

Now that Jim Doyle has made an unannounced switch of political parties, will he face a challenger in the 2010 Democratic primary? If not, will Wisconsin voters have a choice of Scott Walker and Jim Doyle? That one would require several nose pins.

The backstabber even hates Johnny Depp!


  1. Doug:

    This is a joke, right? Or do you really see no discernable difference between Doyle and Walker?

  2. Anonymous:

    (Full colons always mean business.) I didn't say I saw no discernible difference. Indeed, Walker might be the only opponent who would induce me to vote for Doyle again. Even then the gag reflex would be strong. I am fed up with Doyle.

    From day 1, Doyle has targeted state employees because he sees a political benefit in it. He could at least prospectively offer something in return for involuntary furloughs when better days return. But that would mean he valued state workers.

    And by the way, expect property tax hikes and service reductions to cover his proposed cuts in school aid and shared revenue. If you have a kid at UW, expect tuition increases.

    I would love to see a Democrat challenge the guy from the left - and getting to Doyle's left would not take much.

  3. Dear Doug,

    Hell, Tommy T. could challenge him from the left. Frankly, I agree with your statements.
    Henny Penny

  4. Doug:

    Jimmy D. is the best Republican governor we've ever had! And Tommy T. was the best Democratic governor we ever had. We have been living in a parallel universe for over 20 years. I'm surprised it took so long for you to notice.

    On the cuts to shared revenue and schools, I don't think we should necessarily expect property tax increases. I'm sure you and your fellow city council members will make the proportional cuts required to keep the Monona mill rate from increasing. Just like you've did for all those years when the property tax base (assessed value) was increasing. Base up? Pump up the levy. Then issue the press releases and pat each other on the back for keeping the mill rate steady. What a deceptively, disingenuous pile of bunk that is.

    Now you have a double whammy to deal with - shrinking tax base and increasing net levies. Unless, of course, you adjust the city's expenditures accordingly just like families have had to do.

    I can't honestly believe that you and the city, and our school district, will "stick it to us" when most of our household incomes have decreased along with our net worth in general (home values, retirement (hah!) accounts, etc have plummeted in "value". Will you? Please tell us now so we can plan ahead.

    Sometimes it is the head that is filled with same thing that fills the colon. Hopefully the city councils minds are clear.